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18-30 peer groups - Guides Australia

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April 26th, 2008

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01:48 pm - 18-30 peer groups

I'm assuming that at least some of you (if not all) are aged between 18-30. I'm starting up a Region 18-30 group,our first meeting is next week. This sort of came abotu due to increased interest in 18-30 ,or the Olave Program (OP) in our State(new Chair,regular meetings) as well as a few of us still hanging around the 14-18 group wanting to be involved in  a peer group in Guides. There's abotu 4 of us in this group,but advertising in the Region means that we could have around 10 people elgible. Already,there's a core group of 3-4 of us interested,and a few that I haven't heard back from through emails,asking other people to chat to them etc. Our region is quite large,both in amounts of Units and geograpical area.

 We have support from the region Leader (the exleader of the 14-18 who still wants us involved in Gudies but perhaps not hanging around 13/14 year olds due to conversations and different needs) and other leaders in the Region. So,we've organised a meeting at a local cafe next week. And now I'm jsut owndering if anyone has any experience with this? Already i can see a tendency for me to organise things,send emails etc. Which I don't mind,but it is meant to be a peer group-ie no 'Leaders'. 

Any suggestions about what I should say in general? any ideas you'd like as a member of this age group? We'll have a wide range of Guiding experience-from those who were jsut in the 14-18 group,some who are unit Helpers,some who are Leaders in at least one group. Some who will want ot jsut go out for meals,coffee,pub crawls etc and those who want a range of activities happening.
I guess I jsut want ot hear if anyone has got any suggestions,ideas feedback on how this could work. If you've been in an 18-30 group,it would be great to hear what did/didn't work. Or if you would like to be,how you might imagine this happening.

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Date:April 26th, 2008 05:17 am (UTC)
*currently in same boat*

We ahve been trying to get one off the ground for six months. Our first meeting was at a resteraunt to meet up and see what we wanted to do. Only myself, the region leader and another came.

I'd say just get together and write down what everyone wants to get out of it. When I was a Rover, we each took it in turns to plan an activity. Our program was basically pub crawl, service activity, cocktail night, guest speaker. It felt like 'we work hard, we play hard'. It was good, though as I don't drink more often than not I was the designated driver. I'm no longer a part of the crew. Just was not what i wanted at the time, guides was too much better!

Mabey you give each person a night, and they orgnaise it for what they will... tkaing suggestions from others. That way you will get something that eevryone likes.

Good luck!

Possum :)
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Date:April 27th, 2008 09:33 am (UTC)
thanks for the help. sounds good. I hope your group goes well....is your region leader under 30,or did she jsut come along for support?
i really want to avoid me doing all of the work. and some people will have different levels of what they want to do and will organise.
i hope your group gets off the ground. do you have much support from your State?
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Date:April 29th, 2008 11:26 pm (UTC)
LOL :)

Sorry... just the thought of our region leader as under 30 is amusing to me. She's old enough to be my Oma! But a fiar question. She just came along for support. She's brilliant like that. As for support from the state? Nothing as yet, although one fo my guide mates from gtown who resides in Melbourne has offered her services. she's pretty gung ho in the ranger/olave sections in victoria. and she has really cool pants.

Mabey you could organise it to their strngths... the ones who want to do coffee and chat can organise that and the ones who want to do other things, organise that. it take swork to get it fof the ground, but as younger ones come up you can mould them into shape! :P

possum, who is rushing for work :)
Date:April 27th, 2008 03:18 pm (UTC)
Good work getting a region group together - there really isn't enough oomph for one in our region just yet, I am hoping that if we get some momentum going at state level then I'll be able to get some people interested though.

I definately feel your pain with the whole not wanting to do all the work thing, but unfortunately it will probably be that way for a while... it's a rare (though wonderful) person who will get completely on board when an idea is still in it's seedling stage... if you can shoulder the load in the short term and get stuff going, then people will see/experience how fun & worthwhile it is and then hopefully come on board for the organising.
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Date:April 28th, 2008 10:46 am (UTC)

yes,i'm excited about this new region group. must say it wasn't all my intial doing-some of us from the 14-18 (aged 18 and over) wanted a social group and were pushed to get away from the 14-18 group. then we thought we'd open it up to the region.
speaking to those some ppl only last week,they all seem to have forgotten about it. and yes, that's true its hard for people to get on board at the start. i guess i'll emphasis at this meeting that i'm not the leader and i'm not doing all of the work. i want to start delegating early on...hmm,there's some interesting personalities in that group though.
i hope something happens in your region 2. i guess you're pretty close to the city so people might want to come to state meetings instead?
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Date:April 29th, 2008 12:44 am (UTC)
Hiya. I have some thoughts to add to this but I'm at work at the moment, so may not get a chance for a day or too.

Basically, though, wanted to say that in our area, big events every few months worked best.


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