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February 9th, 2008

04:57 pm - happy new year!
We started Guides back again two weeks ago, and are settling in nicely.
Have some new girls up from the Rainbow Guides (5-7) and so having little little girls around is a big change (there is a lot more tears). Some of oour older girls have left too, which is sad, because I've gotten to know them really well. 
Our group is currently around 24 girls, which is just about right for us to deal with. :)

Our leaders have changed a bt this year too, with one of our Senior Leaders getting pregnant over the holidays, so going t be missing her mid year. Also one of my fellow junior leaders left to make more time for her uni course, and we have another junior leadr in her place. 

This year is pretty big for me, since I am starting my Leader Qualification stuff. Got two training weekends coming up in March, and a lot of stuff happeing. 

And our camp this year is two weeks into term 2. :( Busy busy. 

Hope everyone else is getting off to a great start!
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02:10 pm - welcome to another year of girl guides....
hi everyone,

I hope you all had a good break. I assume that everyone must have started back at Guides by now? How did it go?
Over my holidays I went to Scroggin 2008-an Outdoor convention for Adult Members held at Kindilan,Queensland. It was great playing tourist,doing all sorts of outdoors stuff,meeting others,getting some good ideas etc. There's some more about in on the Guides Australia website (under Adult section). I also met someone,from my own city who happens to be a member of this community!! We didnt figure this out until our last night away.I know I come away enthused about  18-30 Olave Program ( I even found out who the State Coordinator was and have been emailing her) events,using outdoros in a program,doing different things with Guides etc.

I've started with a new Unit this year. Its a 5-10 age group,only 8 girls which is a good start,hoping to increase numbers though. And it seems I'll be owkring differently from their last Leader ( who has semi-retired from Guides). Even when I went ot visit the Unit last term,there were a few things thta she did that were, perhaps,not entirely politically correct. Not sure if it's just me,but I wont be filling up 130 water balloons for the girls to use,or letting them have free range with the S'mores. ( 1 or 2 is ok as a treat,but in tihs age of healthy eating,maybe not letting the girls make at least 3-4 each) I've actually asked the girls what thye want to do,with the help of Kids Crafts books,Aim High etc which thye were surprised about too. Does everyone else ask the girls what thye want to do? How do you then fit this into a program?

Looking forward to hearing what you are up 2.
Happy Guiding! =)

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November 28th, 2007

02:00 pm
why hello again!
Thought i'd come and give you an update on what the program is like for my 7-11 age group until the end of term. 

Tomorrow we are having a Christmas craft night, making little chrissie trees, reindeer pegs, cookies, and some other stuff I can't remeber...
Lots of fiddly glueing and cooking, which is always strenuos, since a lot of the girls seem to have a subconscious death wish. :D 

And next week we are moving the meeting to Friday and having a End-of-Term Sleepover. 
We are staying in tents in the backyard, having pizza for tea, watching movies, apparently playing the chocolate game, and Kris Kringles. It is a Christmas themed night, so everyone has to come dressed as something Christmasy (I'm planning on going as a Chrissie tree).
Also, the morning after the sleepover is my 18th birthday, so we are having a Birthday breakfast for me, followed by trying to get everyone out by 10am, when there is a Drama club that uses the hall. 

Hopefully it should all go well. :D 

Happy christmas season to all! :D
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02:10 am - musings on the badge system
Firstly I'd like to apologise for giving up on the meeting summaries, I got a bit snowed in with uni/work/guides... I'm sure you all know how these things go... I'll try and start fresh again with them next year.

Some of you might have picked up that I'm not exactly in love with the current badge system... in fact I've never met a person who has many good things to say about it (I'm keen to meet such a person, so if it's you, speak up!) I did Brownies under the old system, but I became a Guide at the same time the old system stopped, so I've only been a Guide under the new system.

But I didn't come on here for another pointless rant about how much better things were in the good old days ;)
Rather because as I was taking one of my frequent water wasting long showers, I was suddenly struck with an idea for a new system, which I fleshed out recently in a conversation with a friend and fellow leader.

It's pretty incoherent, but here it goes.

Okay, so that was really really rough, and I literally thought of most of this an hour ago. I'm not very attached to the idea, so feel free to hack into it, tear it apart, disagree with the entire concept. But I'd like to inspire some discussion: What do you think of the current system as compared to past system. Is there any merit in my idea (and remember I'm not attached to it so no hard feelings). What changes would you like to see? Do you have a different idea?

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October 27th, 2007

03:55 pm - Hi!
I'm a Melbourne girl who has been involved in Guides since I was 7. I'll be 18 in a month and a bit. 
I am a member of Sunbury Ranger Guides, and a Junior Leader for Sunbury Wongguri Guides. 

At Rangers we don't tend to do much in the way of programs, as there is oly 4 of us, and we often can't be bothered, but earlier this year we held a Shave For A Cure night to raise money for the Leukaemia Foundation, which raised over $500. 

At Guides we are much more organised, and have extremely full programs for each night. At the moment our main leader is away for 6 weeks, so it is just our secondary leader, me, and the other 2 junior leaders. Our secondary leader is away often due to her work, so most of the time I co-ordinate everything. :D
We have about 22 girls, aged 7-11, and most of the time they're great. 

I am planning on becoming a full leader once I turn 18. :D
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September 20th, 2007

01:01 pm - what i've been up to at meetings lately

so,thanks to everyone who has been posting what they have been up to at guides lately. heres jsut a few snippets of what i've been up to lately:
I've been working as a leader with a 14-18 age group whilst another  leader was away,and also helping at a 5-10 age group. ( we recently merged the 5-7 with the 7-10 group,due to not enough girls in the 5-7 age bracket)

14-18 age group

-We held a silent night,where we had ot be quiet for our whole meeting-2 hours. we went through a lot of paper that night! :) we each brought a small donation for a charity thta helps children who are deaf

-A craft night,where we all bought a craft to make..tihs kinda worked,except 3 out of our group of 8 forgot to bring things,they're good at doing that  :/

- we invited the trefoil guild for our local area to talk about how guiding was,show photos,talk aobut promise and law etc

5-10 age group

- We had a first aid night,teaching the girls bandages,EAR ( may have slighlty gone out of thier reach,but hopefulyl they learnt something)

- We had a 'Show night',various stands like hair braiding,ring tossing,donut eating and a white elephant stand

-We are organizing a quiz night for end of term,so the girls have ot decide on quesitons,themes etc

i'm a shocker for typos,sorry if there's 2 many mistakes!

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September 5th, 2007

10:24 pm - Fairy Disco
Last night was the first of two nights this term planned and run in their entirety by the girls. Each patrol was given one night to plan, and they've known about it all term, and knew we were expecting great things. The first patrol off the mark ran a 'fairy disco' last night. I was worried that it would turn out like our discos have in the past with noone dancing, and nothing happening, but the girls sure proved me wrong!
Everyone came dressed as fairies, and the patrol in charge made a bunch of paper chains and put streamers and flowers up and made our dingy guide hall look pretty darn good. They'd bought food, and they played games all night - lots of new games that the patrol leaders had learned at the state patrol leader training a couple of weeks ago.
While all that was going on I had a long session with my Guiding partner, and I now have all of leadership development signed off, and I have a short, manageable list of things to do to finish the 3 leadership qualification modules I have left. :D

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September 2nd, 2007

08:41 pm - Double post
I'm getting behind on this already, so I'm going to cover two meetings with one post!

This night was given to the girls as 'think of anything you want, and we'll organise it for you, no matter how crazy'. I was hoping this would inspire them to come up with something good, and it did. Both patrols independently came up with the idea of an obstacle course. The more creative patrol also dictated that the whole course should be off the ground. The other patrol wanted cooking to come into it somewhere (go figure!).
I wasn't involved in setting it up (this is the luxury of having 5 leaders) but I was mighty impressed with it. Some of the elements included a tarzan swing from one chair to another, prussiking up a rope, balancing along a plank hanging from the ceiling and walking along a table avoiding bamboo hanging from the ceiling.
While one patrol did this (with leaders spotting the dangerous elements), the other made lemonade scones.
The girls had fun, and hopefully got the message that the leaders can do some cool stuff if asked :P

3 promise ceremonies tonight, 2 younger girls and 1 older girls. It was the first promise ceremony I'd done as a leader so I was nervous but I think it went well. The girls had bought some simple stuff from home for the ceremony, which we planned last week. They had some torches and flowers which they set up in a triangle on the ground. They formed a horseshoe around them and the girls made their promise in the triangle. Some of the older girls had a "special surprise" which they wouldn't tell me about, and I was worried it would be something completely inappropriate, but it turned out to be party poppers, which scared the bejesus out of me but was okay. (Seriously, I wouldn't be that surprised if their idea of a special surprise was busting out a dance to the latest black eyed peas tripe)

We did the obligatory fathers day craft (keyrings) and had a bit of a talk about "good campers" and "bad campers" and I sewed the seeds of outdoor camping in them. (I'm an outdoor camping nut, but these girls have only been indoor before. I'm hoping to take them outdoors early next year, If their parents will let them, and if I can find leaders (my co-leader isn't interested in outdoor camping))

I still have a mighty long whinge list associated with this unit, but friday was overall a good night I think.
Certainly there's a good lot of girls keen to make their promise now, it's just a matter of "you can make your promise once you get a uniform, pay your membership fees, come every week or call me if you're not coming and BEHAVE!"

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August 24th, 2007

09:25 pm
Just got back from my friday guides. The meeting started off on an annoying note because there was another influx of new girls. Why is that annoying you ask? Well there is a group of troublesome girls who all go to the same school and who keep bringing more and more of their troublesome school friends along. There's literally another one every fortnight or so, and I never have the same group of them every week. At least one doesn't turn up each week because of a bitch-fight that happened at school, and the more of them there are the more their school problems infiltrate guiding.

So we haven't been able to do much great stuff this term because the aformentioned girls (the majority) are rude and disrespectful and just want guides to be a social event. I started off trying to have some subtle team building stuff to try and sort them out, but that didn't work, so I've given up on subtle, and my new technique has been to get them to come up with a list of their rights and responsibilities, and then keep them on an incredibly short leash. It seems to be working, though only time will tell. Problem is, even if Guides seems to have sorted them out a bit there's a week of school for everything to degenerate again.

But it's not all doom and gloom, my youngest one came bouncing in and said her promise almost perfectly to me, so now I've she's ready to make her promise next week :D.

Speaking of which, is there a standard script for what a leader says in a promise ceremony, or is it more of a unit tradition? I've never done a promise ceremony before so if anyone could tell me what they say in theirs I'd be grateful :)

We spent our older&younger together time planning the promise ceremonies for next week. I had to explain that a promise ceremony wasn't really a party so things like a pinata and pin the tail on the donkey weren't really appropriate! :P But they've got good ideas involving torches and tinsel and such.

Then once the youn'uns went home we played a couple of teamwork games - one where they had a bunch of balloons (normal and funny shaped ones) and heaps of masking tape and they competed to make the tallest free-standing balloon tower. They had fun doing that and they actually worked together really well which was pleasantly surprising. The other game was a bit like tunnel ball, but with toilet paper - each team had a roll of toilet paper and they had to pass it under everyones legs to the back, and then over the heads back to the front without breaking the toilet paper - until it ran out!
Then we had a little chat about teamwork and they made some good points about listening to everyone and compromise and so forth, and I asked them to think about those things when they were doing their regular guide activities. (Hopefully that wasn't too subtle for them!)

So anyway, I'm getting a bit worn down from having to be the constant disciplinarian, but hopefully I'll get them sorted out a bit this term!
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August 22nd, 2007

05:47 pm - Guides last night
This marks the first in what I hope will be a long tradition of meeting report posts :)

Before I launch into my report on Guides last night, I'll explain a bit about what I do now to avoid confusion later. I'm actually a leader with two groups, one 10-14 group that meets Tuesdays and has a big leadership team (5 leaders for 14 girls). The other meets on Fridays, and is not age restricted, as we are the only unit in the area, but currently has 6-12 year olds. We have 2 leaders, and a unit helper who currently does the finances but is thinking of expanding her role. We stagger the meeting and have the younger girls come first and do an activity by themselves, then the older ones come and they have some time in their patrols. Then the younger ones go home and the older ones do an activity by themselves. I run the older girls program (8 girls aged 9-12) basically by myself and the other leader looks after the younger girls program. So that's the more stressful unit by far of the two, but I'll get to that another time, because this post is about Tuesday guides.

Last night we were lucky enough to get a behind the scenes tour of the Adelaide museum, by a Guiding person who works in the entomology department there. We got to look round a huge room with trays and trays of insects (including some super pretty purple butterflies), and also got to see some slightly creepy animals in jars of ether. The girls were a little grossed out by such things as "tapeworm urinated out by human", but were reasonably well behaved. I have to admit museums aren't really my thing, but I think most of the girls had a good time, and it was an original excursion at zero cost which is always good.

I suppose that's it for today, hope to read some more peoples stuff soon :)

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